Teacher Training

I designed and executed a Teamwork and Mentorship workshop for full-time EAP instructors at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago, IL July, 2017.

I spearheaded the Haigazian University Language and Technology Workshop, Beirut, Lebanon, Spring 2012.

I created and led workshops on American culture for Haigazian University students in Beirut, Lebanon. Spring 2012.

I designed and presented a Blackboard workshop for Haigazian University faculty in Beirut, Lebanon, Fall 2011.

I taught 6 workshops for rural secondary teachers in Lebanon based on the University of Oregon’s Shaping the Way We Teach English training series, Fall 2011.

I reconvened the Haigazian University Language and Technology Workshop. I conducted three workshops on the pedagogical relevance and logistics of electronic feedback (e.g., via Microsoft Word), Audacity, and VoiceThread. Beirut, Lebanon. Spring 2011.